AGRRA - Agency for Rural Development of Zadar County

The activities of AGRRA

  • Monitoring strategies at national and EU level and aligning regional and local level documents with agricultural policies and rural development policies;
  • Research and development and development of information and communication technologies within the framework of the needs of rural development and fisheries;
  • Coordination and monitoring of the implementation of the Zadar County Rural Development Program;
  • Coordination of jobs related to the basis of developmental projects;
  • Protection, valorisation and promotion of indigenous products;
  • Coordinating the work of existing institutions for the purpose of better implementation of new rural development programs and measures;
  • Strengthening the financial and human resources of regional and local self-government and organization of the institutions for rural policy and rural development as well as their active involvement in the design and implementation of rural development programs and measures at a local level;
  • Technical and advisory assistance for international and inter-regional cooperation programs aimed at technological development and development of innovative entrepreneurship;
  • Preservation of biological and landscape diversity, with sustainable use of natural resources;
  • Preservation and valorisation of cultural-historical and traditional values and their sustainable use for the purpose of creating additional value, protection of nature and environment and the development of efficient use of renewable energy sources;
  • Developing a diversification of sustainable economic activities in rural areas;
  • Establishing sustainable agriculture, fishery and aquaculture with an emphasis on environmental protection and preservation of traditional values;
  • Establishing sustainable tourism with maximum preservation of natural and cultural values;
  • Sociological development aimed at reducing the emigration of the population from rural areas;
  • Organization of fairs, exhibitions, conferences and workshops;
  • Development of investment, technical and technological documentation;
  • Promotion of business cooperation, technological transfer and commercialization of research results;
  • Implementation of the Green Entrepreneurship Support Program;
  • Development and implementation of pilot projects in agriculture, fishery and rural development.
AGRRA - Agencija za ruralni razvoj Zadarske županije