Knowledge Hunt

Program: European social fund: OP Efficient Human Resources 2014.-2020
Development and implementation of programs for social cohesion and increasing employment in cities: Knin, Beli Manastir and Darda County, Benkovac, Petrinja and Vukovar
Project implementation period: 03/04/2020-03/04/2022
Project budget: 1.155.802,00 HRK
Project Leader: Hunting Association Benkovac



Short project description:

The project "Knowledge Hunt" through the implementation of non-formal education programs, the development of a new professional figure according to the principle of lifelong learning and application of ECVET systems and the development of specific professional knowledge and social interpersonal skills through the implementation of "tailor-made" programs will create a positive entrepreneurial framework employability of 25 people from the area of the town of Benkovac as well as the development of other economic stakeholders through selective forms of tourism.