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Guide Me Green

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Programme:                                    Erasmus+
Lead Applicant:                              Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany
Project duration:                            01/11/2021 – 01/05/2024
Project budget:                               264.465,00 €


  • DomSpain
  • X23
  • Landesverband der Volkshochschulen Sachsen-Anhalt
  • Ajuntament de Reus
  • Zadar County Rural Development Agency – AGRRA


The Covid-19 crisis has brought significant changes in mobility, consumption patterns, leisure, work, and many other dimensions of our lives. These changes have and will have a significant impact on travel and tourism as we used to know.

As a result of the considerable drop in travel linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, tourism is in a deep crisis. Being central to the European recovery, to recover it needs smart (digital, sustainable) ecosystems for all tourism stakeholders offering travellers more memorable and sustainable experiences.

Moreover, tourists travelling on a low budget and otherwise disadvantaged often have lack of knowledge about sustainable tourism and travel travel linked to lower levels of education, have limited options for sustainable accommodation, restaurants and experiences in a low budget category, and do not participate in sustainable travel options due to lack of information.

Making tourism more accessible and offer travel experiences to people with different needs by addressing them from various perspectives is a social responsibility. Hence, Guide me Green aims at making links between the needs of the low-income and disadvantaged travelers. Moreover, project aims also at linking local communities for more adequate sustainable travel with the needs of those non-formal and informal educators to enlighten adults to travel in a sustainable way.

This will be achieved through the collection of best practices, the development of a TRAINING PROGRAMME, a TOOLBOX & CAMPAIGN to promote inclusive tourism experiences across Europe.